unMATCHABLE: Be The Realtor They Can't Live Without




REALTORS: You want people to think of you as their "Go-To" when they need to buy or sell a home. In order to do that, you need them to see you as the authoritative expert when it comes to solving the common, complex, and important problems specific to them. Not just anyone will do."

This book will teach you Brian Carmody's time-tested framework for standing out in the real estate industry so that you attract your dream clients. Choose a critical problem that your ideal clients have, create a solution for them that relieves their pain better and faster than anyone else, and watch how people flock to you as a sought-after authority.

This 80-page, no-fluff book leads you through the steps you can take, that experts have taken before you, to show you how and why authorities and experts can charge more than commodities.

This is not a book about “hidden marketing secrets” or the latest fad in social media ads. Together, we’ll build a foundation that will get stronger each year as long as you stay on the path. You will feel genuine, you will attract the type of people you want to work with, and you will become the realtor they can’t live without.

You will learn…

...how to get specific about who you serve, why, and how

...how to build your Performance Plotline

...how to talk about your personal Short Story

...how to build your Foundation of Authenticity

...how to stand out from the crowd, and why it matters to your income and sanity

...how to attract people who are qualified to work with you so that you close more loans

...how to discover if you have “Leaky Funnel Syndrome”

It’s a foundation that builds job satisfaction, referrals, income, and more rewarding relationships with your clients and your family. And it’s all “real stuff” that you control.